Vasopneumatic Therapy

The  vasoneumatic therapy is the lastest breakthrough in the science of  electromedicine and  the most  advanced and effective , form of  bioelectric  treatment available  to date.  The  vasoneumatic  therapy's  primary  objectives are  to provide  immediate temporary  pain relieve by  treating  the condition causing  the pain. A patient  should  immediately experience one of  three  possible  results:
1. decrease in Pain.
Mary patients feel an immediate reduction of pain  that usually continues throught the  treatment regiment.
2. No change  in Pain.
A patient may feel  no change in pain immediately after  treament, However, within  24 hours a change  of  pain sensation should  take place as  vasoneumatic  treament has finished.
3. Increased  in Pain:
There is  rare  occurrence  but it  is not necessarily a negative one, as patient  may  experience  a signifcant  decrease  of pain   within  24 hours or with an additional  treatment.
As the reatmetn regiment continues  the patient's  pain  ussually decreased with each addtional   treament and may  disappear  completely. In some  cases regular  maintenance treatments may  be required to keep patient  pain  free.